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March 19, 2010


Jon Wiedyk

Any idea what the song in the middle of the show is with the lyric something like "Someday you'll forgive me for this" or "Somday I'll be forgiven for this" It plays briefly when he's driving his car out to see his old buddy for the first time right after he runs off they guy with the alligator necklace for the girls house...


FX might be the new HBO - have you watched their animated how Archer yet? So horribly wrong, but so awesome all at the same time.


What song is playing when Raylan is driving after just having interviewed the pastor at the burned out church? Lyrics are something about a "lonely road trying to find my way home"
Thanks in advance, I've searched and can't figure it out.


Of course....5 minutes after I posted, I figured it out.
Take care.


So does anyone know ANY of the actual song names or artists?

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